Better Together

I’m pretty excited.  I mean, excited isn’t even a big enough word for what I’m feeling.  “Thrilled”, “charged”, “keyed up” are all synonyms that provides that come close to describing how I’m feeling.   

My brother is coming to visit. 

There seems to be a lot to do in our little town of Vulcan.  The new pool is at the top of the list, but the Kinsmen Club have added a Disc Golf course as well as an outdoor games area.  Not to mention the brewery that is very close to opening – it hasn’t been difficult to gather a list of things for us to do when he is here.   

Even though I live here, I find myself not hitting up these Vulcan hot spots as much as I should.  I think many of these activities are better with a group of people.  “Better Together” is a bit of a brand getting thrown around here at the store and I think I’m starting to get it.  I’m looking forward to getting out to enjoy some of these awesome experiences our town has to offer.  I hope to see you there!