Performance Bedgear

Peter Piper picked his perfect pillow!   

Until working here, I had no idea how to choose a pillow.  I would often buy a million, inexpensive pillows, convinced that along the way I would find something that would work.  I even started “borrowing” discarded pillows from my dad’s house each time I would go for a visit in the hopes that I would find my perfect pillow.  Enter, Bedgear Performance Bedding.   

At the store we have Bedgear sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors, but the real game changer for me my friends, are the pillows.  We carry three different Bedgear Performance Pillow series – the Align, the Peak and the Impulse.  These offer everything you could need or want in a pillow, but the feature really worth mentioning here is the Ver-Tex cool touch fabric.  Both the Peak and the Impulse have this fabric and it helps deflect heat and keeps you cool throughout the night.   

The extraordinary employees at Furniture Villa actually go through training and lots and lots of product knowledge to be able to fit customers with the perfect pillow.  These pillows even come in different comfort levels to support the back, side, stomach, and multi-position sleeper.   

If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a new mattress, change up your pillow!  I’m serious when I say that this will change your life.  Peter Piper isn’t the only one that can have the perfect pillow!