Petromax - Grilling & Outdoor Cooking


This summer we are really trying to up our lifestyle game here at Furniture Villa and one of the new to us brands that has recently hit the floor is Petromax.  

When learning a little bit about this brand, I was really impressed with their mission.  They had me at, “We love what we do”.  Petromax is really about people enjoying themselves while enjoying their products.  The name Petromax has been around for more than 100 years!  Throughout all of those years they have been innovating and developing their products to ensure that they are resistant, robust, and durable.   

Their awesome cast iron pieces have been my go-to for presents when it comes to all of the summer birthdays my family celebrates, in particular the Cast-Iron Poultry Roaster CF30.  We have all done the chicken on a beer can trick am I right?  The roaster is the adulting version!   Put your chicken, quail, or small duck on the cast-iron roaster and with optimal heat distribution your bird will be evenly juiced.  Because of the hole on the roaster (fill with your fave spices, herbs, and stock) your poultry will get that deliciously crispy skin – Kentucky Fried Who?   

The Poultry Roaster is just one of the many Petromax cast-iron options that we have here in store.  Along with a variety of Dutch ovens, I also recommend checking out the Loaf Pan K8!   

Cast-iron is the perfect cooking surface for your Traeger (also available at Furniture Villa – shameless plug).  Grill season is here so what are you waiting for? Come on down to the store and snag some cast-iron today!