Summer Grillin'

Tis the season for outdoor cooking and man, does Furniture Villa have you covered!  From wood fired grills to pizza ovens to charcoal grills – the selection here at the store will blow your mind and help satisfy your hunger.

Currently, we have a huge selection of Traeger grills. If you don't know much about Traeger pellet grills, let me give you the run down.  In addition to grilling, you can smoke, bake, roast, braise & BBQ on these babies.  Traeger’s are a wood-fired grill, and you can pick from a variety of hardwood pellet flavours to cook with.  Once the fire is going all you have to do is pick the temperature you want and “set it & forget it”. 

Now for some mechanics – I’ll try to make it quick.  After filling the hopper, the pellets are moved to the fire pot by an auger.  In the fire pot the pellets are lit by the HotRod.  Then a fan circulates the heat and smoke creating an even and consistent cook.  Basic take away: YUMMY TASTY GOODNESS.

Next up, the Beefer, which I feel like you should buy purely for its name.  But also, this: “Invented for the Love of Beef.  Engineered for the Serious Griller.  Available to Everyone looking for real Steak Perfection.”  The Beefer allows you to create the perfect steak at home.  And what’s needed to create the perfect steak, you may ask?  Well according to the Beefer guys, 1500°F.  The Beefer is the first 1500°F infrared grill of our time. 

The Beefer kind of mimics a broiler but think 1000 times better.  Some of the perks of a Beefer are that there is no fat dripping into a fire, no dangerous gases and you’re going to get perfect results with evenly distributed heat from the top.  You can cook so much more than beef on the Beefer, and whatever you cook is going to turn out crunchy and juicy.  Did I mention it’s easy to clean after usage?  How often can you say that after cooking?

Pizza.  What more does a person need in life? We’ve recently brought in the Delivita – a hand-made, wood-fired oven. These ovens weigh only 30kg with a fibreglass exterior and a traditional clay interior. Most importantly (to me) they come in a variety of pretty colors.  This bad boy is all about the experience it provides to you and the lucky friends who you are cooking for. 

We have a variety of Ooni pizza ovens as well.  Depending on the oven you choose, you can cook with wood pellets, charcoal, or gas.  These ovens are completely portable allowing you to have the perfect pizza anywhere!

Ooni ovens get up to 950°F, which will give you that perfect pizza crust – crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.  Whatever you choose to cook inside your Ooni – because oh yes, you can cook anything – it will come out with perfectly flame-cooked flavour.

The coolest thing about all of these things is their versatility.  Although branded for one thing, you can cook almost anything on these grills, and ovens!  I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes as well as a couple of masterpieces that my coworkers have created.  Hopefully, you get some inspiration to start cookin’!

Some of my favorite recipes:

I am obsessed with Jalapeno Poppers and I love that this recipe includes bacon! This tasty snack takes no time at all and is the perfect dish to whip up when you’re expecting some company. 

I’ve had this dish at a restaurant once and fell in love!  I was excited to come across this recipe for the Traeger.  The next time I make this recipe I’m going to add a bit more cumin than the recipe calls for.

The sauce that you make for this potato salad is delish! I also love how crunchy the potatoes get in the Ooni.  Yum!

I love pretzels so as soon as I saw this recipe was made on a pretzel sub, I was hooked.  Oh, and the cheese sauce! Adding Montreal Steak Seasoning to the sauce really kicked it up a notch!  I love how you can use the same pan for the bratwurst and for the bacon!

With a little help from Ooni’s Double Sided Grizzler Plate, Traeger Veggie Rub and a little olive oil were all that was needed to grill up some yummy asparagus on this flaming Delivita!
There is nothing greater than breakfast on the Traeger!  An example of how versatile cooking on the Traeger can be!

Brisket burnt ends (rubbed with Blackened Saskatchewan), roasted baby potatoes (seasoned with Potato Slayer), bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, grilled asparagus (seasoned with Potato Slayer), cheesy garlic bread.  The finished product!