The Importance of Getting Out

Getting out and taking a break from your regular schedule is important, especially after these last few years. Even a last-minute trip to the mountains for a hike, going kayaking on the lake or even just relaxing on your back patio. Life can be stressful. Take a load off and show yourself some love this summer.

Have you ever wanted to try paddle boarding but don’t know where to start? Atoll Inflatable Paddleboards are the way to go. They measure at 11’x36”x6”. Made of machine laminated dual layer PVC, these paddleboards are durable and can withstand your craziest trips. The best part about them being inflatable is that it can be easily stored in your house. Only weighing 21lbs, this is their lightest model to date. This paddleboard is guaranteed to keep you busy and relaxed all summer long. Want to see them in person? Come down to our store and see them for yourself! We currently have four floor models available for you to choose from, all in different colors.

Written by Hailey Bennett