We're Moving & It Is Great News For Everyone

Moving is hard.  This is true  and rich in emotion for independent businesses like ourselves, as equally professionally as it would be if we had to move our homes in our personal lives.
As Annie Dillard said, "How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives."  And it is certainly true that we've spent many days of our lives in this current building.
It is true that the building that we're in is full of great memories with our team, and our amazing customers, many of whom we can say have become good friends over the years. 
When you have been around for so long you develop certain habits, without even being aware of them. Certain staff members park in the same spots, for example, for years - which is seemingly innocuous until maybe a new employee sneaks the spot one day and a veteran eye brow is raised.  
Habits change and we all will have a new building to drive to in a few short weeks. So despite our roots,  we must spread our wings and make the big move...down the street.  Though it may seem a tad funny it is truly no joke. 

Here's 3-Things You Should Know About the New Store 

1)  It is bigger - way bigger.  More room means more selection for our clients.  Our appliance department is going to be considerably bigger, as well as our mattress department; both flooring lots more products for you to test drive in the store.  Our excitement level for the furniture can't be expressed. 
2)  We've actually already grown into it.  Thanks to our customers our business has grown, which has given us more buying power.  More buying power means that we can negotiate better with our suppliers to bring you the best prices.  When our suppliers compete for our floor space, our customers win. 
3)  It is modernized.  Furniture, appliances, and mattresses are physically large items.  Logistically, you have to have a system in place to properly receive, store, and ship the products to clients.  Our new space allows us to plan for these much better so that we get you your new products as efficiently as possible. 
Oh by the way, be sure to visit us during our moving sale for great savings - there's some hot deals on our clearance models to be had, so don't delay.