What is induction cooking?

Gas and electric are often the first cooktop choices. Induction offers a third option that’s powered by electricity and works very differently than gas and electric heat. Read more to decide if induction is right for you:

How induction cooking works

How does induction cooking work?

  1. A copper coil under the cooktop creates electromagnetic energy.
  2. This magnetic energy interacts with the metal cookware to make it hot.

Because induction skips the step of heating the cooktop, it is a fast and even cooking method. Induction cooktops, which require magnetic cookware to work, also cool down quickly after you remove your pan.


Induction cooking performance

Induction cooking performance

Induction cooking has many advantages. It has exceptional speed and responsiveness, allowing water to boil quickly. Additionally, there’s no open flame, making induction a safe option for families with young children. The ceramic glass surface surrounding the element stays cooler than on traditional radiant cooktops. This is because heat is transferred directly to the cookware, not through the cooktop surface.

Cooking tip:  The first couple of meals on your induction cooktop might require extra attentiveness to adapt to the speed of this cooking method. Take it slow, and keep a close eye on your meal.

Considering the pros and cons of induction

Cookware icon

If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your cookware or it is labeled as induction compatible, you can use it. Cookware with a flat bottom helps, since direct contact heats evenly. You can also purchase adapters that go between your cooktop and a non-inductive pan.

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Cooking style
An advantage of cooking with induction is that it can take less time. However, if you’re used to chopping up vegetables while the pan gets warm, you may have to adjust your cooking rhythm and prepare everything beforehand.

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Overall, less hot air is released into the kitchen with induction cooking. That being said, a hood vent is still recommended for things like grease.

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There can be a small hum or buzz as the cooktop operates due to the cookware vibrating slightly. If you’re sensitive to sound, gas and electric cooktops may be a better fit. 

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Pacemakers and medical devices
The electromagnetic field of induction may affect medical devices like pacemakers.

Quickly boiling water for spaghetti on Whirlpool® induction cooktop

Get dinner on the table fast with Whirlpool® induction cooktops

Induction cooking combines the best of both gas and electric cooking while providing improved safety and efficiency. If an induction cooktop sounds like the right fit for you and your family, shop induction cooktops.