Why refrigerator water filter replacement matters

The reality of tap water

The water that comes out of your faucet might not be as clean as you’d think. Variables from water sources like private wells and municipal water plants — to the pipes that take it to your home — all play a part and can affect water quality at any point.

As a result, everyday tap water can carry contaminants including lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and more that not only affect taste and odour of water, ice, and food — but the overall health of your family.

How often to change your water filter

Refrigerator water filters are one of the best, most cost-effective ways to ensure your family is drinking clean, fresh-tasting water, but they need to be changed every six months. After six months, three things can start happening:

  1. Your filter becomes easily susceptible to becoming saturated with contaminants

  2. Dirt and debris may begin clogging the filter

  3. As a result, more and more contaminants get into your water, even if it looks and tastes clean

Knowing when the time is right

Many of today’s refrigerators track the life-cycle of your filter and will notify you with a red light or other indicator when your filter is reaching the end of its useful life. When that happens, your next steps are both important and easy, with certified filters available both online and in store. 

Care Tip: A great way to remember to change your filter every 6 months? Every time you turn your clocks back or forward an hour, it’s “time” to change your everydrop® refrigerator filter.

Refrigerator and everydrop water filters

everydrop® refrigerator water filters

Imitations are out there, so it’s important to know that not all refrigerator water filters are created equal. Featuring signature Triple Filtration Technology, everydrop® water filters reduce up to 73 contaminants1, depending on your refrigerator type. This includes removing up 99.9% of lead from both your water and ice.

Also important when shopping for replacements, consider only filters certified by NSF International. This independent organization certifies filters in three contaminant categories: look and taste, health concerns, and emerging (or new) contaminants. While some filters may qualify for one or two of the categories, everydrop® Filters 1-5 are certified for all three.