Furniture Villa's Gift Certificate Registry is convenient, flexible and can be used at anytime towards furniture & gifts that will last a lifetime. You can register using one of the following options;
You can come into our store, and with the help of one of our Sales Professionals, select specific items you would like to have in your home. When you have chosen those items we will place them on a "Wishlist" that we'll share with your guests.
You can have your guests contribute to a credit invoice at Furniture Villa anytime before or after your wedding or event. This works just like one large gift certificate and we refer to it as a Gift Certificate Registry when communicating with your guests.

When a guest contacts us to make a contribution to your registry, we will provide them with a Furniture Villa Certificate in that amount to place in a card or gift. 
② When you are ready you can come into the store and we will provide you with a copy of your Gift Certificate Registry invoice in the amount your guests contributed.

Looking for gift ideas? Browse some of our suggestions below!