If you, like most of us, don’t have a yard measured in acres, fear not. Your right to unforgettable parties and (potentially) huge fires is hereby guaranteed! The Urban Cowboy is perfectly sized for most suburban spaces, and gives you exceptional flexibility as a fire feature, cooking device, and stunning visual anchor for your outdoor space.

We can guarantee that if you buy the Urban Cowboy, the first time you announce a burn, once the group is assembled and the drinks have been poured, someone at the party is going to turn to you and say, “I can’t believe this is the small one!”

The Urban Cowboy is an enabler. It lets you have a fire in your yard -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- any damn time you feel like it. No burnt logs or blackened rocks to look at. No hole in the patio. Just a beautiful piece of functional sculpture that, like a good dog, will be there, waiting to play with you, whenever you are ready.

And with style, baby. With style.